Canopy Canopy Canopy

by Arthur Jafa

Black Apparel, 2019

An edition of ten prints by Arthur Jafa for Triple Canopy’s 2019 benefit, honoring Joan Jonas.

by Harmony Holiday & Ben Ratliff

Black Hauntology

Are you afraid of where this song is going? A listening session.

by Nikita Gale & Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste


POSTPONED: Performances that consider “River Deep—Mountain High” as an allegory and political document, and bass as a means of beckoning…

by Flaherty NYC, Joan Jonas & Kris Paulsen

Electric Narcissus

Moving images that observe the shift from projection to interface, from selves to seductive mediums and SMS traders.

by Jacqueline Feldman

The Devil in Connecticut

“The Does leveled a challenge: if you can’t afford Avon, move.” A contemporary witch hunt in a picturesque New England town.

by Henry Zhang

Aconite, My Roots

An essay on the monetization of traditional Chinese medicine and failed promises of diaspora.

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